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They may not want to go home!

Doggy day care is ideal for the busy pet owner and energetic dog! Any pet needing more attention, activity, exercise, or just some socialization throughout the day is welcome to join.

Our program allows you to drop your pet off before going to work, before running your daily errands, or whenever you’re ready for a break! It is an excellent opportunity to exercise and socialize your dog in a safe, supervised, and fun environment.

Dog Day Care Amenities

We have both indoor and outdoor play areas available. Our indoor room is climate-controlled, filled with entertainment and activities for your pet to enjoy. Our six patios have cement flooring with six-foot fencing to ensure your pet’s security. We also have a grassy yard for them to patrol. When the weather is warm, there are pools and fun water play available too!

Day Care Vaccine & Fecal Policy

Our goal is to provide a happy, safe, and disease free stay for all our boarding, grooming and daycare guests, and our employees.

Required for Adult Canines

Must be current for the following:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella
  • Fecal
  • Canine Influenza

Required for Puppies

Puppies too young for vaccines or working through the vaccine and worming schedule are considered current.

Pets Overdue for Vaccines or Fecal Check

Vaccines and fecal checks can be done during the stay for pets with previous records (past vaccine and fecal records less than 1-year past due).

Pets grossly overdue (> 1 year past due) or never vaccinated or fecal checked must be inoculated and have a clean fecal prior to drop off. Rabies must be given 3-weeks prior to boarding, grooming or participating in daycare.

Pets with Fleas and/or Worms

Dogs and cats discovered to have fleas or internal parasites while boarding will be treated at the owner’s expense (this is pre authorized by the Boarding Release) and a $40 disinfection/cleaning fee will also be assessed.

Temperament Requirements

Every new member will be given a temperament test to evaluate his or her behavior around other animals and people. We do this to ensure the safety and well being of your pets as well as our staff.

Get Behavior Form

Drop off and Pick up Time

Monday through Friday we offer both half and full day benefits to suit your scheduling needs. Pet drop off will begin at 8:00am. Pets should be picked up prior to business closing.

Required Paperwork

A doggy day care release form and group play agreement form is completed before clients and non-clients attend Thornwood Doggy Day Care. For your convenience,the forms are available for download.

Group Play Agreement

Free Form Reader

If there are difficulties in viewing the forms, click here to download this free pdf reader.