Online Pharmacies for Pet Medication

Thornwood Veterinary Clinic would recommend against buying your medications online and would like you to know the following concerning Online Pet Pharmacies. Many of the medications being offered online are not being purchased from the manufacturer. They are often sourced through grey-market channels or even illegally from foreign countries, sometimes without FDA or EPA governing regulations, and in some cases are outright counterfeit versions of the product. Novartis Animal Health and other manufacturers have filed suit against several internet pharmacies for such practices. State Attorney Generals from several states are conducting investigations and/or have filed suit against some online pet pharmacies.

Manufacturers only guarantee a medications authenticity and effectiveness if it is purchased directly through a veterinary clinic.

Medications purchased through Thornwood Veterinary Clinic are carefully selected by us as the best and safest available, are provided with appropriate instructions, are administered with the knowledge of possible interactions with any other medications we have prescribed, are monitored with pre and post laboratory testing as required, and are fully documented in your pet’s medical records.

Thornwood Veterinary Clinic offers competitive pricing on all of our medications; we are often the lower cost option. We will ship medications directly to your home and will provide free shipping on qualifying orders.

The Thornwood team is committed to the health of your pet, and we thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

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